FMV Swedish Defence

The Swedish Defence Material Administration

FMV develops the armaments of the future. This is where our visions and high-tech solutions are born. Our work is process-oriented, and we manage suppliers in Sweden and abroad.

The working environment is an important element of our work. We follow the manufactured items from “forge to junk”. FMV employs around 2,000 people and has a turnover of approximately SEK 20 billion per year.

The training of our managers is a high priority at FMV. We work purposefully to improve our managers’ ability to better lead their units, projects and employees. We achieve this, first and foremost, by developing their personal leadership skills.

It is this direct contact between managers and employees that is “the moment of truth” for leadership. Enhancing our managers’ ability to be more hands-on is the very core of our leadership development efforts.

This is also an area where PMI has a unique skill-set. Through our cooperation with PMI, Personal Management International has raised the quality of our leadership training efforts to a very high standard.

Ulf Giege,
Chef för kompetenscentra [Head of Skills Development]