Philips Norden

Petter Olofsson, Medical Systems, Sweden

“The programme really took me on a journey that opened my eyes to who I am, how I react and how I am perceived by others. One thing I learned was that the key to being a good leader is to maintain the contact between people – something which is also important to do in order to understand and anchor the various processes. Even though it sounds simple, this is exactly the kind of contact one lacks when leadership or motivation is in short supply.

Today, I feel much more grounded and mature as a person, and I know that I am responsible for my own situation and for saying no if the pressure becomes too great,” Petter adds.

“The programme has provided me with an incredible energy to create and change things, and also to develop Philips – and I’ve learned to confront and challenge – my bosses in particular, but also my team to develop their own personal skills,” Petter says.