Our story

PMI has specialized in human development
Since 1979, PMI has specialized in human development as a generator of significant results and success in organizations. PMI has a broad customer base in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and exclusively uses internationally recognized training methods with a proven efficacy.

PMI helps private and public companies to create dynamic leadership and dynamic workplaces where a focus on competitive advantages, the bottom line, innovation and development go hand in hand with stimulating passion, energy, job satisfaction and creativity.

PMI arranges skills development courses and seminars that match the needs and desires of managers and employees. PMI’s areas of application range from stress and crisis counseling, through leadership and skills training, to fine tuning at senior management level.

PMI’s expertise in team building, leadership development, staff development and organizational development guarantees the company’s ability to succeed in implementing change and development processes in line with the demands of the market.

PMI holds courses at Hegnegårdens Udviklingscenter, which is a converted 3-winged farm house. The centre is located on Orø, situated in a beautiful landscape of fields close to the sea, and has a special charm of its own. It is an inspiring place to work on development.

PMI specializes in:
Change and innovation, leadership and leadership development, organizational development, personal development, improving the psychosocial work environment, stress management, group interventions, coaching and conflict management, coaching and supervision

Open and company-specific courses – with the option of lodging at Orø

PMI offers both open and company-specific courses. At the open courses, the managers meet on an equal footing across industries. Professional sparring, confrontation and coaching are keywords in developing authentic leadership skills.

The company-specific courses focus on the individual company’s situation and requirements. Here, training is integrated into the company’s way of doing business and is adapted to its needs.

PMI provides ongoing consultancy services in the development of organizations and human resources, for example in connection with specific needs for change as it may relate to mergers, rationalizations, reorganizations, expansions, restructurings and outsourcing.

PMI’s consultants are trained to work with human development at all levels – from the optimization of success to existential crises.