Leadership is a matter of personality

It’s easy to find management tool courses. We offer something different: Here, managers discover, understand and develop their personality. They learn to understand their own professional and personal patterns of behaviour. One’s ability to function optimally with others at one’s workplace and in one’s free time is enhanced.
This is how managers undertake personal development in order to really make a difference. This is the first phase of our management course.
But it is not enough simply to understand oneself. One also needs to understand the environment that one is a part of – all the people that interact with and have an impact on the organization. In particular we focus on three complex equilibria that are of critical importance to the state of the organization and its viability. Efforts to understand the subject area and how to work with – and master – the equilibrium of the organization is the second phase of our management course.

PMI works with managers who want to improve their own leadership skills and develop their employees’ organizational skills in an effective and meaningful manner. For many years we have had great success with – and participated in – restructuring processes and educational programmes for managers at various organizations.